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The Bathurst Council has decided to implement a controversial plan to the overall functioning of the roads in and around the region. They have decided to start digging pot holes into the roads, so that Bathurst residents have more to complain about.

It is believed that with the current road situation, there is only a pot hole every 500 metres. The council is aiming to reduce this to at least one every 200 metres by the end of 2019. Local pot hole digger, Bumpy Rhodes, says the plan is genius. “The plan is genius.”

Bathurst residents currently complain about the quality of the roads about 5 times a day each, which is apparently not enough. The move to deliberately dig pot holes, has gone down like a lead balloon with many locals. “It’s ludicrous!” said Mary Meanyway, “I’m paying my tax and it goes towards stupid things like this. I may as well be paying a subscription to the Western Advocate as well!”

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