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In a shocking twist in the latest drama that has rocked the Bathurst region, a study has today revealed that an incredible 75% of Bathurst residents were completely unaware that the city in fact has traffic lights. Due to the number of vehicles that speed through the lights after they have turned red, the Traffic Light Awareness Committee (TLAC), conducted a thorough investigation into the Bathurst region. 

The findings of the investigation revealed the shocking statistic, leading many to question whether the traffic lights were a huge waste of time and money. Local resident Terry Bel-Driver, said that he was included in the 75% of the population that were oblivious to the traffic lights in the city. “I had no idea Bathurst had traffic lights. I always just drive through Duhram Street at full speed without slowing down or stopping for any reason.”

Local goody two shoes, Robyn Dabank, revealed that she always stops at red lights, and sometimes even at green lights, if she feels that the light has been green for a while and will shortly turn red. “I like to obey the road rules,” said Robyn, “You can’t just do whatever you want.”

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