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World famous Bathurst restaurant The Terrace Thai has been announced as the filming location for a 2019 reboot of the foodie series ‘MasterChef.’

The decision was made by the judge affectionately known as ‘Fat Matt’, because nobody knows his last name. Fat Matt was dining at the Terrace Thai when he sampled the award-winning Goldpanner chicken dish. He promptly declared that it was “Absolutely delightful,” but could “use a touch more GINGAAAA!!” Matt then proceeded to don a beret and unbutton his pink dress shirt, and bulk-ordered 20kg of the dish to take-away.

The Terrace Thai is much loved by the Bathurst community, and has had famous visitors such as Delta Goodrem, Anthony the Wiggle and Mayor of Bathurst Grahame Hanger. The Terrace Thai are also famous for their two young male maitre d’hotel, Somchai and Boomchu, who will feature in the MasterChef series.

The Terrace Thai has also recently won a Nobel Prize in Physics for their innovative use of electronic waiter summons, or “that bloody button my kids keep pressing because they think it’s funny,” one local customer referred to the system as.

The Terrace Thai Manager, Blue, said he’s thrilled at the positive attention the Terrace Thai has been garnering. “Charl and Lach, stack da chair!” The Eastern Advocate is not sure what he’s referring to here. Blue also said that “The Terrace Thai is the best restaurant ever,” and that he can’t wait to do exciting things with it in the future. One initiative is to give an award to the customer who orders the most takeaway food. At the moment, the prize is tied between Amber Stockman and Ruby Woodlock’s mum, who have both clocked in 250 metric tonnes of Thai food in the last financial year.

Blue’s final words? “We are a family here.”

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