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The Bathurst New Year’s Eve fireworks have been met with mixed response from locals, with many suggesting the annual display was not up to the standard of previous years. The lack of any quality fireworks was highlighted by the fact that a local man was able to produce a brighter and more spectacular display by simply lighting a cigarette in the humble surrounds of his suburban backyard.

The man, Wayne Shaun, said that he wasn’t aware of the crowd that began to gather at his humble abode until he saw people live tweeting the event online. “It went viral. Apparently it was far more entertaining than the Bathurst fireworks and to be honest with you I’m not going to argue with that. Doesn’t surprise me one bit.”

Local mum, Linda Pant, was also far from impressed with the spectacle, revealing that she would like to be given a refund of her precious time and money. “I spent the whole of 2018 waiting for this display, and it was absolutely hopeless. I may as well have lit a few candles in my house and it would’ve had the same effect! Oh that reminds me I’ve got to buy some new candles for the new year.”

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