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A known local serial pest has today angered many Bathurst residents by deliberately driving around the historic lamp posts that sit in the middle of a number of intersections in the CBD. The pest, Richard Head, has been known to pull stunts like this around the Bathurst region, and it was only last year that he planted tomato seeds in the local cricket pitches, producing a fresh crop of tomatoes which disrupted the start of the season.

Mr Head declined to comment when approached by Eastern Advocate reporters, however he did offer a statement in sign language, which we struggle to read as none of us actually know sign language. It looked like he was saying something like, “Eastern Advocate is the best local newspaper, and it’s free as well.”

Bathurst resident, Peter Pan, said that the incident infuriated him, and it was the lack of respect shown by Mr Head that really frustrated him. “It’s a bloody disgrace. This bloke should be locked up for good!” Mr Pan’s wife Frying, explained that Peter was often frustrated by small things like this. “He get’s worked up over the littlest things. Last week, he found an ant walking in a South Westerly direction instead of his preferred North Westerly, and he flipped his lid.”

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