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IYAZ says his Larry’s Larrikins collab was better than what he did with Hannah Montana

5BE157AA-0DB8-42F3-929F-8959C375B533.jpegOn Saturday night, Bathurst was graced with the international one hit wonder Iyaz, who performed a plethora of songs of which no-one knew the words to except his hit ‘Replay’, which he in fact did replay and sing twice.

In an exclusive interview with EA reporters, IYAZ stated how he loved his time at the Ox and he even went as far to say that it was better than the time he joined forces with Hannah Montana.

“Tis the time to be Merry, Shawty’s got the bling, but nothing can compare to the Ox’s Ting”. We assume this means that Hannah Montana is trash and that the Ox is where it’s at.

Ea reporters conducted this interview in the The Beluga Heights Star’s Hotel room on Sunday morning where we found him asleep, as he operates in American time no matter where he is in the world, hence why he was wearing sunglasses when performing at midnight.

If you missed the performance, do not worry as every Snapchat/Instagram story in Bathurst featured a snippet of the night. One local by the name of Danny Can’t said how he managed to catch the whole nights entertainment from the comfort of his own bed after he was spammed with 470 hours worth of blurry lights and sound way too loud for an iPhone’s microphone to pickup.

“Seemed cool however I heard it was shoulder to shoulder and I don’t fancy inhaling some randoms warm breath on the dance floor, so it was a much better decision to stay home”. Danny is no longer a friend of The Advocate.


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