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A local man by the name of Tom Craft has today revealed he was forced to make the heartbreaking choice between his family home or a medium popcorn and choc-top combo at Metro Cinemas in Bathurst. Mr Craft visited the cinema on Friday evening with his 2 young children to watch the newly released Elliot the Littlest Reindeer.

As they queued up for their tickets, the kids decided that they wanted to get a few snacks for the movie, and Mr Craft agreed. They bought their tickets, however the total price of the snacks was absolutely gobsmacking, forcing Mr Craft to contact his bank to take out a loan. The loan, however, was not enough, and the cashier at the cinema suggested that he mortgage his house to cover the rest of the payment. 

Mr Craft was unhappy that his hand had been forced, and to make matters worse, half of his food ended up on the floor. “Mortgaging the house would’ve been worth it too if I hadn’t dropped my boysenberry choc-top. What kind of a flavour is boysenberry anyway?”

The cashier in question, Broseph Loskins, said he felt bad for Mr Craft, however he was only doing his job. “It’s a hard job sometimes, you’ve gotta see people go through some of the most difficult times in their life. I once saw a lady sell her wedding ring for a large popcorn, and another time, The Big Gold Panner came in and offered us some gold in return for a frozen coke and a choc-top.”

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