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In a comment which will receive the support of many Bathurstians, one ex-Sydney-resident-but-has-now-moved-to-Bathurst-local, or as they are commonly referred to, ESRBHNMTBL’s (pronounced: e-ser-buhn-met-bulls), has made the bold but fair claim that Hereford Street peak hour is worse than any Sydney traffic out there.

The part of Hereford Street in question stretches from the little roundabout just above the low level bridge, to the roundabout at the Trinity Heights shops, constantly gets congested beyond any reasonable traffic jam allowances.

One Ilumba Way resident who frequently gets stuck in this daily mess, Karen I-Stubbed-My-Toe, literally threw fists when approached by Eastern Advocate reporters for a comment, so for that reason, we do not have her comment.

The head of traffic jams for NSW, Mr Blocked, states that the daily congestion is within the allowable limits for a regional hub the size of Bathurst. “We’ve crunched our numbers and we’ll allow this to continue. Until residents are waiting so long that they just have to make a U-turn and head back into work the next day, nothing will be done”.

One smart local, Grant Menyer, has come up with a very smart way to combat this problem. “Just live somewhere where you don’t have to use Hereford Street to get home”

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