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An exciting new summer activity has been announced for the region of Bathurst – the thrill seeking, heart racing, dare devil activity that is Bungee Jumping! The bungee jumping will be located at the low level bridge, on the way out to Kelso on Hereford Street.

The locals are extremely excited about the new addition to a summer of fun, especially Susie Baker, who says her husband and kids are keen to give it a go. “They are as keen as beans, as keen as mustard, as keen as a lean mean fighting machine, as keen as a….” Eastern Advocate had to cut off Susie her as she was getting really bloody annoying.

There are a number of concerns being expressed over the safety of the activity, given that the drop from the bridge to the water is no more than a couple of metres, depending on water level in the Macquarie River. Activity co-ordinator,  Alexander Beethoven-Frankenstein-Mozart, says he’s not concerned, “Yeah the rope’s only 30 cm long so it won’t be the best bungee jump you’ve ever seen, but it is Bathurst we’re talking about here remember.”

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