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As Eastern Advocate recently reported, local man Danny Strawberry has recently opened up an ice cream shop called Danny’s Ice Cream Parlour, right next to Annie’s Ice Cream Parlour. However, it seems that the situation has been further complicated by local grandmother Patsy Allen, who has opened up an ice cream shop of her own, called Nanny’s Ice Cream Parlour.

To complicate things even more, the parlour will open up right next to the other two similarly named ice cream parlours. Bathurst locals are understandably upset and confused, no more than long term resident Pat Alexander. “It’s outrageous!” exclaimed Mr Alexander. “Annie’s is a Bathurst institution. To see it have ridiculous competition like this is truly a sad day for Bathurst ice cream enthusiasts like myself.”

Annie’s Ice Cream Parlour’s owner, Annie, is furious, and it is believed that the anger has caused a large amount of heat to radiate from her body. This in turn, has caused all the ice cream in the store to melt, meaning disastrous ramifications for Annie and her staff.

Annie’s employee, Sarah Thornton, has revealed that it is pandemonium inside the store at the moment. “It’s all happening, you could say that again. It’s all happening.” We thank all ice cream related interviewees for their time, and for the free samples – even though Annie’s provided us with their new below par flavour Strawberry Sludge.

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