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The local government has today announced the plans for a brand new spaghetti junction to be installed at the current problem intersection of Lambert, Mitre and Suttor Streets. The estimated cost for the project will be approximately $2 million, which seems like it might be a bit much for the local government.

The amount of accidents and near misses at the intersection has resulted in a high level of community feedback, with many feeling that the junction needs to be sorted before another accident occurs. Local driver Cray Glowndes, says he never feels confident when passing through the intersection. “It’s a nightmare, I never know if I should use my indicator or not, it’s just mass confusion to be honest with you.” We thank Mr Glowndes for his honesty.

It is unclear whether or not the government will have the funds to complete the proposed project, however they are implementing back up plans in case they cannot come up with the required cash. They have started to breed puppies, mainly German Shepherds and Labradoodles, with the hope that they will be a popular Christmas present for kids around the Bathurst region.

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