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The Bathurst region has today woken to the shocking news that a microscopically small strawberry has been found inside of a regular sized sewing needle. The news comes after there were a number of cases reported by Australians, who were finding needles inside their strawberries. However it seems that after this latest twist, the strawberries have got their revenge.

Local professor, Ms Mia Mirchandani, made the discovery after a Bathurstian reported red stains in her sewing equipment. The source of the stains was unknown, until Professor Mirhcandani made the shocking discovery late last night. “It’s one of the most incredible things I’ve seen,” said Professor Mirchandani, “The strawberry was smaller than your average grain of sand.”

There has been a swell of support shown towards the sewing communities in Australia. Minister for Microscopic Objects Found in Sewing Equipment, Brian Leahy, said that the sewing community needed the support more than ever. “It’s a bloody tough time for them. They need our support now so we should rally behind them. Keep using your sewing needless! Cut them up if necessary.”

Bathurstains have probably all reacted differently to the news, however since it only happened last night, we have not had time to interview them.



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