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In a move that has been described by many Bathurst residents as “a long time coming,” the Bathurst PCYC has changed its name to the Bathurst YMCA, simply because so many citizens often call it that anyway.

Ever since the ‘YMCA Dance’ became compulsory in primary school physical education, Bathurstians have been conditioned to call the youth organisation by YMCA, which is not so different from the current four letter acronym ‘PCYC.’ Interestingly, the name-change has sparked renewed interest in the organisation, with every citizen in Bathurst with red hair enrolling for a yearly membership.

One of these red-heads, Mr Ronald McDonald, said that the PCYC, now YMCA, provides a sanctuary for the rangas of the Bathurst community, who often draw criticism for their unavoidable hair colour. “I mean, it’s just hair colour isn’t it? It’s all genetic. I think the YMCA realises that. Hair colour doesn’t change who you are. Underneath, we’ve all got the same bones, except, of course, for the people that have different bones.”

Residents of Morriset and Durham Sts, who have already dealt with a sewerage problem this year, have complained about chants of ‘YMCA’ extending late into the night. “We’ve had problems with noise from house parties before,” said an anonymous resident, “but this Y, M C A song is terrible. It’s been stuck in my head for a week now. What am I going to do?”

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