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After his short and unsuccessful attempt to gain a professional football contract with the Central Coast Mariners, former champion sprinter, Usain Bolt, has decided to compete in Bathurst’s Majellan Barefoot Bowls tournament.

Bolt is a known Lawn Bowls prodigy in his home country of Jamaica, however he desires to forge a path in a highly regarded league, namely The Magellan Bowling Club in Bathurst. “I’ve heard so much about Bathurst and it’s barefoot bowls, that sounds great man. I’ll give it a crack.”

The three time Olympic champion said the decision to convert to Bowls was not an easy one, revealing that he had a number of options up his sleeve. “I was always gonna come to Bathurst, it just depended which sport I chose. The other two on my shortlist were croquet and Ten Pin Bowling, as I know Bathurst has the highest quality facilities in those two respective sports.”

There were also a variety of bonus benefits that came wth being part of the Majellan Bowling Club, such as half priced meals on a Tuesday night, and happy hour from 5-6 on Friday nights. Bolt said these were the factors that tipped him over the edge. “How can you turn down a half priced schnitty on a Tuesday evening? It doesn’t get much better. God Bless Australia!”

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