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A shockwave as powerful as a high magnitude earth quake has today made its way through Bathurst and the surrounding regions, with the news that the council is requesting locals to bathe and shower in pure vinegar. The move comes as follow on from the recent introduction of water restrictions to the region. 

There are a number of concerns surrounding the request, including the fact that people would prefer not to bathe in an acidic environment, with issues such as possible skin corrosion somehow deterring locals from committing to the plan.

Vinegar enthusiast, Lincoln Abrahams, explained to Eastern Advocate reporters that vinegar can have a number of positive effects on the human body. “The acidity of the vinegar actually dissolves away many of the harmful germs and bacteria that sit on the surface of a human’s body. The corroding of skin can be a small side effect, but in my opinion it’s worth it.”

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