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With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, Bathurst council have shaken up their usual strategy for the big fireworks display by moving it to the Coles underground carpark.

There are several reasons behind the move, according to Bathurst council. Mayor Graeme Hanger said that, “The acoustics are so much better in the Coles carpark. Have you ever heard those screaming toddlers in the shopping trolleys while mum does the shopping? You can bloody hear them from a mile away.”

Another council member, Peter Siddle, said that the council wanted to appear more ‘hip’, and wished to achieve a more “gothic” feel to the fireworks display. “We’ve done our market research, and concluded that the youth of Bathurst see Coles underground carpark as second in hipness only to that bit of road before the S-bends on Mt Panorama. However, seeing as there is a kangaroo race on Mt Panorama on New Year’s Eve, we’ve opted to hold the celebrations in the carpark.”

When asked about the safety concerns of setting off fireworks indoors, Mr Siddle said there are none. “It’ll be fun mate. All those people ducking and dodging to avoid being hit by explosives. A bit of exercise to start your new year off right.”

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