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A local Holden Commodore has been captured by authorities, and taken to a scrap heap to be crushed.

It is believed the car was deliberately interfering with the annual kangaroo race, The Roo Representatives Rally, held at Mount Panorama in Bathurst. The kangaroos were understandably disgruntled, as the race had to be postponed and finished on another date.

The race leader at the time of the incident, Kanga Roo, was having trouble holding back his anger towards the car. “They should all be destroyed! They are a national treasure but they are pests. There’s just too many of them and at some point it becomes too dangerous.”

The local authorities are looking into the incident, and it has been reported that they are considering undertaking an extensive review of the necessity of cars in today’s world. The outcome of this review will be conveyed to Eastern Advocate readers as soon as it is known. Or within a week or so I guess. We’re busy people.

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