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The Bathurst region is today in shock, as news has surfaced relating to a bogan Bathurst 1000 fan. The fan, 52 year old Steve Baker, who follows the V8 Supercars Championship all around Australia throughout the year, revealed that he actually has more than 3 teeth.

The shocking statement lead to a number of Bathurstains coming out of the woodwork to express their thoughts. Local business owner, Claire Patterson, said she thought it was fake news. “It’s gotta be a joke. There’s not way any of those visiting bogans have more than 3 teeth. They’d be lucky to have any teeth at all.”

Mr Baker was afforded his right of reply, and he simply stated that there was no secret to his exemplary oral health. “I’ve got 8 teeth, and all me mates always ask me what’s the secret. Just drink plenty of Bundy and Coke and punch a dart every now and then and you’ll be sweet.”

It is believed that many of Mr Baker’s racing fan friends have no choice but to consume their food through a straw, as they do not have the necessary amount of teeth required to chew their food normally.

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