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As the final days in All Saints’ College’s illustrious life come to a close, plans are being made for the funeral service and following events. The service will be attended by many Bathurstians and Old Boys of the College, and is open to any members of the public. It will ironically be held at the Commonwealth Bank Headquarters in Sydney, as they were the financial institution that the Anglican Dioceses were so desperately indebted to.

After the service, a wake will be held just a short 3 hour drive away at the site of the school’s renewal, The Scots School, in Bathurst. It will be a momentous occasion, highlighted by the fact that the ashes of the school will be scattered in the indoor swimming pool at Scots.

The decision to scatter the ashes in the pool has understandably been met with some criticism, however, local pool enthusiast, Elaine Rope, said that there could be some hidden benefits. “Ashes are actually very good for indoor swimming pools. The carbon in the ashes forms new molecules with the water which can assist with filtration.”

The Australian Association of Assisting School’s That Have Been Subjected to Lengthy Periods of Financial Difficulty in the Post World War Era Including Both World War 1 and World War 2 (AAASTHBSLPFDPWWEIBWW1WW2), have thrown their support behind All Saints’ College during this difficult time, which has been much appreciated by past students and current employees. David Canter, who graduated in 1998, said that the association was one of the reasons he still had faith in the world. “The AAASTHBSLPFDPWWEIBWW1WW2 has been a light at the end of the tunnel throughout this process. It’s a bloody good association.”

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