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Uber is set to descend upon Bathurst this summer, and will launch at the beginning of December. The popular ride sharing app, which has taken over the market in big cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Oberon, has decided to venture out west to see if it has the same success.

However there is a slight twist. Instead of the normal ride from A to B, Uber will only be picking up passengers from the beginning of the McDonald’s drive thru, and dropping them off after they have collected their meal. Uber spokesperson, Cara Vann, said this was a specific tactic for Uber to trial. “We’ve done our research on the Bathurst area, and it seems that the residents do about 3 or 4 Maccas runs a day on average.”

Local Bathurstian, Cameron O’Neill, said he was pleased with the news, but was unsure if it was a necessity. “I’ve got my own car, so there’s no real need for me to use Uber. But I guess I might give it a go one day. It’s pretty hard to turn down a McDouble Meal with a Large Diet Coke. Gotta stay healthy somehow!”

Cameron O’Neill weighs 186kg.

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