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Former Australian Prime Minister, Harold Holt, has been found healthy and happy, living underneath the letter M in the Mount Panorama sign, in Bathurst.

Holt was believed to have drowned, after he disappeared into the depths of the ocean after going for an early morning swim. However, he says this was all a ruse to enable him to escape the fish bowl life he was living. “Yeah I had a tunnel set up at the bottom of the ocean, it lead directly to Mount Panorama.”

“The plan worked perfectly. I have lived a full life from that moment onwards. My family is all here with me. My wife and 16 children and their partners, as well as my 146 grandchildren. Yeah there isn’t a whole lot else to do here.” Mr Holt said he loved living life in the letter M, but it does have its struggles at times. “It gets a bit crowded around Christmas time when the extended family comes over. But we always manage.”

It is believed that the Bathurst Council will allow Mr Holt and his family to continue living inside the Mount Panorama sign, in a move that has warmed the hearts of many locals. “We are so proud to call him one of our own” said Bathurstian Sophie Pant, “He’s a man of the future.”

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