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The residents of Morrisset and Durham Street have today been evacuated as emergency responders attend to the scene at the Bathurst Sewage base. The sewage headquarters, or Shit HQ, as it is officially referred to, has recently experienced a number of technical faults.

The residents in surrounding streets have been evacuated, as the strong, unpleasant odour became too much for some to handle. “It smells like somebody has shat out 3 thousand tonnes of baked beans, and we are now suffering the consequences,” said resident Sue Ridge. Ms Ridge’s next door neighbour, Stan Key-Butt, said it wasn’t the first time he’d experienced the unpleasant smell. “It’s happened a few times before, but never as bad as this. I think I might move away to Oberon and start a new life. Everyone seems so happy there.”

Bathurst Regional Council have taken a number of precautionary actions, including banning anyone in the Bathurst region from using their toilets. This had led to a mass exodus, as people flee the city in order to use the toilet in another city. Orange has been experiencing a large number of people visiting to use the toilet, and the locals say it’s great for tourism. “It’s just nice to have all these people visiting,” said Orange resident Renee Brown.


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