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Although match-fixing is usually concentrated at the professional level, shockwaves have been sent through the Bathurst community with the revelation that Proctor Park has become the gambling and match-fixing hotspot for regional Australia.

Hugh Jorgman, the head of Proctor Park, has resigned under pressure from the Bathurst community. There are over 5,217 cases of alleged match-fixing, mainly concerning the Under 5s tournament. Locals such as Jonathan Johnson were unaware that the gambling surrounding Under 5s soccer had been tainted with thrown games and altered scores. “Yeah, my son plays in the Bathurst Bullets, and I’m inclined to have a bit of a punt on their games every Saturday morning. SportsBet run quite good odds, and I’m pretty keen to put a multi on the soccer and some Mongolian eagle racing.”

Several of the under 5s soccer players are also under investigation pending a tribunal decision on the match-fixing allegations. Young star Corey Core broke down in an emotional interview with the Eastern Advocate: “I didn’t wanna miss the goals, but the man said I had enough and maybe I could get some chippies from the canteen if I missed the goal on purpose.” However, Mr Core’s innocent stance was questioned when he was caught on camera telling an unidentifiable bookkeeper to “Get me my bloody pay packet in the next fiscal quarter or it will be your head that I’m aiming that ball at.”

Proctor Park have elected a new board of directors to deal with the allegations, and this will hopefully keep soccer alive and kicking in Bathurst.

Unfortunately, international star Cristiano Ronaldo has decided not to visit Proctor Park in 2019. However, this may not be due to the match-fixing allegations, but rather due to the fact that Mr Ronaldo lives in Italy, and probably wasn’t going to visit Bathurst anyway.

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