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Bathurst’s coffee lovers will be delighted with the announcement that there will be another convenient coffee outlet in the heart of town. In keeping with the recent ‘hole in the wall’ vendors, such as Crema, Pete The Possum will be opening an organically inspired ‘hole in the tree’ outlet in Machattie Park.

After years of being the beneficiary of young children feeding him anything from rotting apples to the remnants of their Annie’s Ice Cream cone, Peter has finally decided to give something back to the community. Following months of delicate negotiations with Bathurst Regional Council, Pete has finally had his application approved.

When interviewed by Eastern Advocate, he couldn’t contain his excitement. “I know Bathurstians love their coffee, and now they can get it on the go in an iconic Bathurst location.” Pete also scoffed at suggestions that there would be hygiene problems associated with the business. “All employees will be subject to the highest standards of cleanliness and the coffee will be sourced from only the best beans in the Amazon, or wherever the closest rainforest is.”

Pete is hoping to speak with local coffee provider, Fish River Roasters, to add to the local flavour of the venture.

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