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The commonly used device, the coat hanger, which facilitates the hanging of an item of clothing, is set for a name change in the not too distant future. The name of the device, will be changed to The Graeme Hanger, out of respect for the achievements of the current Bathurst mayor.

Mr Hanger is a very well respected member of the Bathurst community, and the high regard that he is held in was reflected by the locals that we interviewed. Abbey Barcham, who has lived in Bathurst for 4 years, said she was over the moon following the news. “I use coat hangers all the time, so now I’ll get to continue using them but every time I use one it will remind me of the incredible accomplishments and leadership of Graeme Hanger.”

Similarly, aspiring local chef, Terry Arkey, said the coat hanger was one of his most used coat hanger shaped objects. “It’s just always there when you need it. Just like Graeme Hanger I guess. A shoulder to cry on when you’re going through a tough time. And a hand to high-five when you’re loving life!”

The paperwork for the name change should be finalised in the coming weeks, and Eastern Advocate looks forward to honouring the success of Mr Hanger.

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