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A local Bathurst couple have today committed a sin that is not taken lightly in the Central West community. The couple, Tony and Toni Daniels, have resided in Bathurst for a little over eight years, however it seems as though they have not become accustomed to the views of the locals.

The incident, which has infuriated many locals, occurred on Saturday morning, when the Daniels’ were walking down William Street towards Piccolos coffee shop. They approached the traffic lights, which had the little red man showing. They stopped behind a man by the name of Adam Jenkins. Mr Jenkins reports that he pressed the button just before the couple came to a stop, and he says that they would’ve seen him press the button. “Mate it was clear as day, but they didn’t care at all, they were so rude. The lady gave me a three-page handout on how to improve my posture.”

The couple saw Mr Jenkins press the button, and still chose to reach over his shoulder and press it themselves, just so they could ensure they wouldn’t be delayed in crossing the road. This is considered a cardinal sin in the Bathurst region, and the couple are due to face local court over the issue on charges of ‘Acting like a Complete Fool.’

They will also be subjected to a public humiliation, which will involve them taste testing a piece of lettuce from every single restaurant in Bathurst, and washing it down with soy sauce. It is believed that whoever thought up this punishment had no idea what they were doing and were likely intoxicated in some way because it doesn’t really make sense.

It’ll still be fun to watch though, so get yourself down the the Court House on Wednesday for a good laugh!

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