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Plans have today been announced to drain all water from Ben Chifley Dam (BCD) and replace it with blue jelly. The move comes after a blue-green algae alert was issued for the BCD on the eve of the opening of the newly constructed, highly anticipated aqua park.

The jelly will have numerous benefits, as it will mean that the dam will remain at 100% capacity at all times. The jelly will also provide people with a nice afternoon snack, especially after a long day of recreational activities on the water.

There are a few worries over the move however, with a number of Bathurstians voicing their concerns over the safety of the blue jelly. Local soccer mum, Karen Sharwood, explained how the idea made her lose sleep, “My poor little children are going to get stuck as soon as they jump into the jelly. It’s inevitable. Although I guess they could eat their way through it. There’s always a silver lining. Am I right?” Eastern Advocate believes Mrs Sharwood was right.

There will be a test run for the jelly in the Bathurst Aquatic Centre in a few days time, and 10 lucky Bathurstians have been handpicked to test out the new creation. They were picked based on their swimming ability, jelly eating ability, lack of obesity and a low likelihood to sue if they get stuck.

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