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The bell tower in Kings Parade, known as the Carillion, has finally been put to use; or so it seems. A Bathurst resident of 66 years, Gerald McGuire, has been seen dancing around the Carillion each day at 12pm. Many passers by have seen Mr McGuire joyfully parading around the tower, and they have also noticed him recently bringing special tap dancing shoes to perform his routine on the steps of the Carillion.

Eastern Advocate has been able to track down Mr McGuire for an exclusive interview. When asked about the reasons for his performances, Mr McGuire stated, “It’s bloody good fun matey! Not a bad bit of exercise either if you ask me.” Mr McGuire is not concerned about what others think, saying, “Yeah you do get a few strange looks, but that’s just part of the sport.”

“I do receive a lot of hate mail, and in the current day of social media, my Insta and Snapchat is bombarded with people who are jealous of me. I know it’s unusual for an old bloke like me to have social media, but you’ve gotta keep up with the times big fella.”

Caroline Andrews, a 32 year old woman who works near the Carillion, says she notices Mr McGuire’s dancing each and every day. “He’s not a bad looking man for an old codger! And it’s not just his looks that are attractive – from all accounts he’s got a great personality too!”

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