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The Australian City Choosing Committee for the Best Cities in the Country (ACCCBCC), has announced that Bathurst is the best city in Bathurst. The ACCCBCC awarded Bathurst with the honour at their annual presentation night, where they award numerous different prizes.

Among the there winners were Dubbo, who won the category for best city that has Dubbo Zoo located in it, as well as Newcastle, who won best city with the words new and castle in the name. The event, which is for some reason held at the Kelso Hotel, was attended by 500 people, 499 of which were ACCCBCC committee members. It is believed the other attendee was either Shane Warne or Malcolm Turnbull.

Local Bathurstians are ecstatic to receive the honour, none more than Ryan Adams, cousin of singer Bryan Adams. “It’s a true honour, I cried for 3 hours when I heard they news. They were happy tears, don’t you worry about that. We’ve been waiting for this moment since the beginning of last week.”

The Eastern Advocate looks forward to the next ACCCBCC event, which is to be held in 2019, at either the Coles Underground Carpark or Pewee’s Bakery.

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