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Shockwaves have today come out of the Bathurst region, with the news that the local shopping centres will be demolished, in order to make more carparks as the Christmas shopping season heats up.

It appears however, that this plan was not thought out very well, as there will be plenty of car spaces, but there will be no shops for people to buy anything from, because they would have all been demolished.

It’s decisions like this that really make us question the council’s application to the continuous improvement of the city as a whole. Local resident Shelly Jacket-Potato has recently moved to Bathurst from Oberon, and made her feelings known. “The Oberon council probably could have come up with a better idea than this, and last week they installed an upside down swimming pool. The water just flows straight out as soon as it’s pumped in.”

Bathurst council member, Shane Warned, said he thought the plan was a good idea. “It’s probably one of our best. Anyway if you’d excuse me I’ve gotta get back to work. That shovel isn’t gonna stand around doing nothing by itself!”

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