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In an attempt to gain a stronghold on the large fitness market in Bathurst, Snap Fitness has now declared that it will be open 25 hours a day.

The move comes as a surprise to many in the fitness community, with three 24-hour gyms operational in Bathurst. The owner of Snap Fitness Bathurst, Mr Arnold Schwarzenogger (no relation to Arnold Schwarzenegger) has declared that it was a difficult decision, but one that will benefit all Snap Fitness members. “We realised that 24 hours in a day often isn’t enough for working mothers and teenage university dropouts,” Mr Schwarzenogger said. “We’ve devised a whole new calendar in order to make this system work. People on Snap Fitness time will now only have 351 days in the year, and will also have to celebrate Christmas and Easter on different days. But it’s all worth it to get that great summer body.”

Mr Schwarzenogger went on to note that due to the calendar differences, summer will also be at different times during the year to what people normally expect.

The move has seen mixed reception in the Bathurst community. Regular gym goer Joe Hosekin says that it provides him with opportunities he wouldn’t get anywhere else. “Mff, hmfff mffff,” Joe said through a mouthful of protein powder. We were unable to decipher this comment.

Others, such as member of the month Douglas Mirphy, say that there’s plenty of time in the day already to get to the gym, and that anyone who can’t make it is just making excuses. “Never give in, that’s what I say. Day in, day out. How else do you think I got member of the month?”

Some have protested the new 25 hour system, and say that Snap Fitness should focus its efforts on other areas for improvement. There is a dire need for 0.625 kg weight plates, as the lightest on offer is currently 1.25 kg. Additionally, other members have complained that the drinking water is too close to the drink bottle tap.

Regardless of any changes in time measurement as we know it, there is no doubt that Snap Fitness Bathurst is the most prestigious gym in the region, and we encourage readers to start their fitness journey there today.


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