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The Bathurst 1000 is widely regarded as the biggest motor race of the year in Australia. It has an enormous following all around the country, and hundreds of thousands flock to Bathurst each year to see the world class event.

However, it is set for a shake up in 2019, with a couple of new manufacturers entering cars in the race. The two new entires, the Kia Carnival and the Toyota Tarago, are usually known as people movers, but the manufacturers are interested to see how they go against V8 Supercars. Race Director Tony Almondson, said that the new additions will add another dimension to the race. “It should certainly shake things up a bit, and we know the Kia fan base is very large, so it will be great for the event as a whole.”

It is currently unconfirmed as to who will drive the new entries, however it seems that drivers are queuing up to be signed by Kia or Toyota so they can get behind the wheel of these beasts. Jamie Whincup said he would give anything for the opportunity to drive one of the new cars. “Those Kia Carnivals absolutely fly. They are lightning.” Mark Winterbottom is also rumoured to be eyeing off the change in manufacturers, stating that the new cars could see him get another Bathurst win. “I haven’t won for a while, but if I can get behind the wheel of one of these cars I’d almost be a shoe in. I’d even be able to take my kids home in it after the race!”

More to come.

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