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The Bathurst Council has today announced that they will be erecting a life sized Grant Denyer statue, to honour the incredible achievements of the Bathurst local. Denyer has been a well known presenece on Australian televison, appearing in and hosting shows such as Family Feud, Australia’s Got Talent, and Dancing with the Stars.

The statue, which will stand at 165cm, which is Denyer’s height, will be built adjacent to the Big Gold Panner, which is a famous Bathurst monument. The Big Gold Panner is quite big, however it is thought that next to Denyer it will look like the biggest statue in the Southern Hemisphere. The council have plans to dupe the Australian Association of Tall Statues (AATS) into thinking that The Big Gold Panner is the tallest statue in the country.

Local council member, Grant Den-No, said he thought the idea was foolproof, “It’s a bloody good idea, as long as no journalism companies get a hold of it and as long as it doesn’t get out into the press.” There has been a media ban enforced on the plan, to avoid the AATS from discovering the elaborate plan. However, as usual, Eastern Advocate is exempt from the ban because it’s everybody’s favourite newspaper.

Eastern Advocate were also able to obtain a world first interview with the Big Gold Panner, who spoke of his dissatisfaction towards the plan. “I like being here by myself, all the attention is focused towards me. Grant is a great bloke but I’d rather hang out with Rove to be honest.”

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