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Local man Daniel Strawberry has today revealed he plans to set up a new ice-cream parlour in Bathurst. He plans to have the store located in the space right next to Annie’s Ice-Cream Parlour. “It’s nice to have a bit of healthy competition in the market. The consumers will benefit most, Annie’s will have to cut their prices because Danny’s has very low prices when it comes to ice-cream, which is what we sell.”

The official name of the business, Danny’s Ice Cream Parlour, has similarities to the name, Annie’s Ice Cream Parlour, however Mr Strawberry says he doesn’t hear the likeness. “Everyone is saying how much the names sound alike, but it’s just chalk and cheese if you ask me. Oh, funnily enough, chalk and cheese is one of our ice-cream flavours as well!”

The alternative ice-cream parlour, has also included a number of odd flavours, such as multi grain bread, raw onion, pine tree, and soil with a slightly acidic pH. Mr Strawberry believes that these are the things that will set him apart from the competition, and we tend to agree with him. “The flavours are just something different you know, and we’ve had positive feedback on all of them except the dead possum flavour, we decided to keep that one to ourselves for the time being.”

Annie’s Ice Cream Parlour was approached for a comment, however they were closed, as usual.


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