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Western Advocate employees have almost reached rock bottom. Late on Monday afternoon, two members of staff were found sitting at a lemonade stand outside their office, selling the refreshing beverage for a ludicrous $15 per glass. They are also selling low quality Anzac biscuits for $6 each, and giving away ‘free’ napkins for $3.

The employees, who asked to remain anonymous, stated that they’ve got a pretty good deal going. “We’ve got this deal going, a Lemonade for the price of a biscuit and a biscuit for the price of a Lemonade. It works out to be the same cost, but these dumb customers have got no idea. That’s what we’re all about here at the Western Advocate.”

The Eastern Advocate team was found nearby, providing food and shelter to the homeless community in the Bathurst region, and the two CEO’s were later seen serving some nice warm pumpkin soup for Meals on Wheels.

It is also believed that an Eastern Advocate employee voluntarily tied up the shoelace of a gentleman as he walked down the street, and the same employee brushed a cobweb out of the way for an elderly woman. It is acts like this which make it the top journalism company in Bathurst.

Western Advocate has had a good run, but unfortunately it seems their time has come to an end.

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