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Dwindling Bathurst fast food chain, Red Rooster, has recently decided to hire a 3rd employee for their team as the busy holiday season heats up. The current staff, Brian and Brianne Chicken-Loaded-Chips, thought that they were working too hard, and thus made the tough decision to hire another member of staff.

Brian said that the combination of a recent overload of work and a clear understaffing issue culminated in the decision to hire an extra pair of hands. “We have been run off our feet in the past month or so, 3 people came into the store yesterday! It’s absolute mayhem.”

Brianne has also had her fair share of troubles, and as the drive thru operator, she says it’ll be a huge relief to have some extra help around the shop. “Sometimes if a customer is in the drive thru, and Brain is on his break, I will have to do everything myself! It’s ludicrous, especially on Sundays, upwards of 4 or 5 people can come throughout the day. Sometimes two people will even be inside at once!”

Mr and Mrs Chicken-Loaded-Chips have begun looking into potential recruits, with a view to improve the motivation inside the workplace. “There’s this one bloke that looks quite young and enthusiastic, but his name is Zayn. What does he think he’s in One Direction or something? He’ll probably end up singing ‘What makes you beautiful’ to the customers in drive thru. We’ll probably bring him in for an interview though.”

It is believed that the extra help will only be required until around the end of December, as the flow of customers dramatically reduces after the Christmas period. Brian explained that there is a fairly relaxed attitude to work post the Christmas frenzy. “There will be probably 3 or 4 days a week where we don’t even turn up and nobody notices because literally no customers come. I don’t know how the business is still running.”

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