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Local man Forest Gumpson, has decided to test the speed and effectiveness of the poorly named Bathurst ‘Bullet’. If past experience and reputation is anything to go by, the ‘Bullet’ is not overly quick, despite it’s misleading name.

Mr Gumpson, a known long distance runner, was speaking with his girlfriend Lou Tennant-Dan one night, complaining about the low quality train services in the Central West, specifically the Bathurst ‘Bullet’. They swapped stories of the countless times they had been inconvenienced by the poor excuse for a train. Then an idea popped into Mr Gumpson’s head. He decided he was going to race the ‘Bullet’, on foot, to Sydney, and see if he could pull off an unlikely victory.

Mr Gumpson had only just returned home from a long distnance race in Queensland, where he ran from Cape York to The Gold Coast, a race better know as ‘Cape York to the Gold Coast Long Distance Running Race’. Although his legs were tired, he wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to embarrass the governing bodies for transport in NSW.

The race took place on November the 5th, and came to a close on the 7th of November, when Mr Gumpson crossed the finish line with the ‘Bullet’ nowhere to be seen. The winning time was a solid 45 hours, which Mr Gumpson stated was a personal best of his. “Yes I’ve done this run a few times now, my previous best was 56 so it’s good to cut a few hours off that old PB.”

Through GPS tracking, race officials were able to determine that the ‘Bullet’ was passing through Lithgow at the time Mr Gumpson arrived in Sydney, therefore meaning it was under a third of the way through it’s journey. Keeping with this time, the train should arrive in Sydney within the 150 hour mark, which transport minister Gavin Morris said wouldn’t be a bad result. “We were hoping for 140 or under, but 150 isn’t too bad. I would’ve taken that at the start of the race.”

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