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The Bathurst region has long been the centre stage in many cinematic pieces. Oberon in X-Men. Mt Panorama in Fast and Furious. That guy Keith from Inspirations Paint and Colour in the ads before every movie we’ve ever watched at Metro Cinemas. But now, Bathurst itself will be the subject of Hollywood treatment following the announcement of Paul Toole’s biographical film, The Sharpest Toole in the Shed.

Paul Toole’s meteoric rise to power as one of Australia’s most switched on parliamentarians started on the streets of Bathurst. In an emotional interview with the Eastern Advocate, Paul revealed the hardships he faced growing up. “It was tough as a kid, especially when I was only four or five,” he said, wiping away a tear from his eye. “Often there weren’t enough voting pamphlets to go round. All I wanted for Christmas every year was a poster of Bob Hawke. He was my hero. But we could never afford it.”

The film will cover Toole’s childhood, with young Toole reportedly being played by none other than Dame Judy Dench, who Toole sees as perfect for the role: “She’s such a flexible actor, she’s got such a wide range, but this role was practically made for her,” Toole said.

The film will cover all parts of Paul’s life, even those he hasn’t lived yet. According to director David Attenborough, four hours of The Sharpest Toole in the Shed’s 9 hour run time will be dedicated to Paul’s time as prime minister, which he predicts will come in 2027 once Australia has shuffled through the remaining candidates at a rate of 3 per month until then.

The locals of the Bathurst region are extremely excited, both to see their hero on the big screen and for the economic boost filming will provide. Local man Wesley Wesner stated, “This is terrific stuff. I’ve got all of Paul Toole’s campaign posters lined up on my bedroom wall. My wife told me I should probably take them down, but I look up to the guy. Like literally, his posters are on my roof.”

The only question that remains is whether Metro Cinemas will provide a free screening of the film when it premieres in 2019.

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