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We have rounded another bend on this twisted road of the Bathurst Media Saga (BMS).  The Western advocate has announced this morning that under their new model, they will only be publishing headlines from now on.

An advocate for the Western Advocate today spoke to Eastern Advocate reporters in a heated stand-off, which some would only describe as similar to those witnessed in the Wild West, or more accurately southern Forbes. However, the revolvers were replaced with notepad and paper. Anyway.

This spokesperson who we will refer to as ‘Cathy’, has stated that Western Advocate has made some changes.  When asked about the motive behind the change, Cathy stated, “Under our new model, we are aiming to serve broader community interests as people have supported us for over 100…..

When Eastern Advocate reporters cut in and told her this did not answer the question, Cathy stuttered and then actually decided to answer our question.

“Well we decided that if people aren’t reading our articles because of this new pay to read ludicrousness, then we may as well not bother with the article and just pump out our usual sub-par headlines.”

“It makes complete sense to us.”

Eastern Advocate reporters questioned Cathy as to whether or not members of the public would have to pay to read these headlines.

“Oh absolutely. Although they may sound like they are plucked out of thin air with not much thought process, it actually takes us a lot of time to write a simple headline…so yes readers will pay for the time and effort put in.”

Cathy was visibly frustrated and upon handing in a job application to Eastern Advocate, decided to leave and return to wherever she came from. We assume she returned to the Western Advocate, being that she was a spokesperson for them.

Eastern Advocate will keep readers up to date with any new incidents in the Bathurst Media Saga.

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