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Newcastle university student Frank Tam has today created waves in the community by changing his first name to Tim, making his full name, Tim Tam.

It is believed the catalyst for this change was Mr Tam’s friend and fellow student, Tim Craft. Mr Tim Tam and Mr Craft are both well respected within the Newcastle community; however Mr Tim Tam was keen to enhance his reputation on the basketball side of things. The Eastern Advocate’s foreign correspondent was unable to find the correlation between the name change and Mr Tam’s basketball skills; however this is probably because we don’t have a foreign correspondent.

Frank eventually elucidated to us that by changing his name to Tim, as Mr Craft is called Tim, that this would improve his skills on the court, and help him shoot less air balls. “The only shot I can do is an airball,” said Mr Tam, “Tim Craft is such a good baller, although he does have an usually shaped thumb on his left hand.”

Eastern Advocate reached out to Mr Craft to comment on his thumb, however he declined, and chose instead to dunk on one of our reporters.

Mr Tim Tam is currently receiving mixed feedback surrounding his name change. His friends are all for it, one stating that it was the best news he’d heard all week, “It’s good because whenever I’m hungry and wondering what to eat I can just look over at Tim Tam and bam, there’s an idea for my next snack.”

There are rumours that NBL team, Perth Wilddogs, has contacted Mr Tim Tam concerning a potential position on their squad in 2014. However, as 2014 was four years ago, it is unlikely that Mr Tam will be securing a place in professional basketball in the near future.

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