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The local council of Bathurst has today revealed its extensive plan to create at least 18 Subway restaurants by the year 2020. The popular fresh food chain is already in three locations in Bathurst; however, this is apparently not enough.

Lorraine White, who works at the William Street Subway, says she thinks it’s a great move from the council. “Look. it’ll open up more job opportunities, who wouldn’t want to work here. I love making a delicious sandwich only to give it to somebody else once it’s done.” Ms White burst into tears at this, and an Eastern Advocate investigation has revealed that Ms White was featured on the 32nd season of popular show ‘My Strange Addiction,’ where she was counselled through her obsession with freshly made sandwiches.

Carter, an 18 year old uni student, said he’d never seen such a ludicrous town. “There’s already three Subways, and it’s like not even that good if you ask me. I reckon we need like an Oporto or some shit.” The council initiative has also prompted supply concerns regarding the ever popular Subway choice of bread, ‘Italian Herbs and Spices.’ Mr Carter noted, “The three subways we’ve already got are always out of Italian herbs and spices. How are fifteen more meant to solve the problem?”

It is believed that Ms White smacked Benny on the bare bum with a wooden spoon when she heard him make this remark.

The Bathurst locals are understandably confused about the addition of so many Subways, with one man exclaiming, “Give me back my hat!” Eastern Advocate is unsure of what he is referring to here.


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