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In a last ditch attempt to regain form before the Australian summer begins, Australian batsman Shaun Marsh was selected in an Under 10’s competition, as Eastern Advocate reported last week.

As we reported, he scored a pair of ducks in that match, but he has bounced back into form with a knock of pure class that should silence his army of doubters. Marsh produced a solid 12 from 95 balls, proving that his confidence and form are back to where they were throughout his successful Ashes campaign.

His opponents, Sandy Bay Sharks, where gobsmacked by the class of Marsh. “He was so good, that was one of the best 12’s I’ve ever seen, ” said Bobby McGee, the 10 year old captain of the Sharks. McGee said Marsh rubbed the salt into the wounds a bit much for his liking, stating that Marsh raised his bat as he walked off the field, and kissed the pitch when he got off the mark.

Mitch Marsh, who is Shaun’s younger brother, and the coach of the team, was suitably impressed with his brother’s return to form. “Yeah it was good to see Shauno go on with it a bit for once, he usually struggles to get past his opening few deliveries. He dominated today which you’d expect seeing as he’s 24 years older than the next player.”

It is believed the match attracted a strong crowd, including celebrity guests appearances from David Warner and Rove McManus for some reason. It has been reported that Warner left the match half way through because somebody said to him, “How are you David”, instead of his preferred ‘Davey.’

Shaun Marsh has one match left in the tournament, and he will be hoping to make a huge impact again just as he has done in this match.

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