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With the opening of the Bathurst Aqua Park imminent, Eastern Advocate reporters decided to catch up with some locals to gather their thoughts on Bathurst’s newest attraction.

A member of council, who wishes to remain nameless, informed EA reporters about the process undergone to select the location of the park. Many options were put forward including at the low level bridge and as it would allow people to jump off the bridge and onto inflatable castles. This was quickly revoked by the mature members of the council and that member has not been see since.

“After careful consideration, 2 locations were nominated for the final,” anonymous council member stated, “That being the Duck Park and Ben Chifley Dam. Although there was strong competition from the Duck Park, it was decided that the pub/person using the park ratio is way too high and it would be unsafe.”

“We had to award it to the Dam in the end however I would’ve liked a little dabble with the ducks myself. You never know, could’ve scored some free bread!”

EA reporters quickly moved on.

21 year old Luke Barrett-Smith-Peterson was a bubble of excitement as EA reporters approached him and before they could say anything, he rattled off the Aqua Park’s 5 Procedure Steps which he learnt off by heart.

“ 1. Waiver station. 2. Cashier/Wristband 3. Life-jacket fitting. 4. Safety speech. 5. Hit the water!”

It is reported that he has skipped straight to step 3 and was wearing his life jacket already while walking down Howick Street.

A much more calm and collected 15 year old Katie Locksmithy informed EA that she has already trialled Bathurst’s version of the Aqua Park and rates it a decent 4.5/5 stars. We are unsure how Katie managed this as it has only just finished being built however it seemed she knew what she was talking about.

“That is a very good score as I only rate ‘Wet n Wild’ a 3,” Kate stated. “Some serious thought has gone into this park.”

“An extra 30 psi wouldn’t go astray though in all inflatable components.” EA took Katie’s word for it.

Through a general observation of the spring in every Bathurstian’s step, it has been decided that the city is very much looking forward to the opening of the Aqua Park at Ben Chifley Dam.

Make sure you get down there and pay it a visit.

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