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It has today been revealed that local media organisation Western Advocate has liked their own Facebook post. The post at the centre of this scandal was regarding the suitability of some politician to some role, the usual substance which graces the inside of our compost bins. The Western Advocate is a staple of the Bathurst community, and has been since its foundation in 429 BC. However, news (no pun intended) is stirring of a fresh news source in the region: The Eastern Advocate.

Local woman, Anita Crosby, made her feeling known about the below-par online behaviour of the Western Advocate. “After the Facebook scandal, I’m immediately switching to The Eastern Advocate. Their articles look much more interesting and some of those headlines are so eye-catching.” Ms Crosby’s son, Bing, echoed his mother’s sentiments, “Eastern Advocate is doing something right that’s for sure, the people running that show must have their heads screwed on right.”

“Eastern Advocate is doing something right that’s for sure, the people running that show must have their heads screwed on right.”

The continuous production line of high-quality journalism from the Eastern Advocate has seen many make the switch to this up-and-coming media conglomerate. The brother-in-law of Graeme Hanger’s cousin, said it was easy to see why so many were making the switch. “Western Advocate just can’t compete with the youth and humour of those on the Eastern Advocate.” The Eastern Advocate has also recently unveiled their new motto, Heus nos es pulchellus bonum. Sancti Pats ad win, which literally translates to, We’re pretty good hey. St Pats for the win.

There are also concerns from locals over the brevity of news and entertainment provided by the Western Advocate. Bing Crosby is petitioning to have ‘Western Advocate Speed Reading’ incorporated into the Olympics, after he completed reading the paper in a mere 4.2 seconds, defeating speed cuber Harry ‘Rubix’ Harris who was attempting to solve a 1×1 Rubix cube. Anita was proud of Bing’s achievement, and said it reflects the hard work he’s put in over the years. “He’s been reading the Western Advocate since he was 14, when I finally found the time to teach him how to read. Even though we’ve made the transition to the Eastern Advocate, it’s important that he doesn’t forget his roots.”

If you too want to discover the new face of journalism in the central west, you can have a browse here.

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