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A Bathurst local by the name of Sam Hazlewood has changed all his clocks in time for the beginning of daylight savings. However, there is one small problem. Sam winded all of his clocks back one hour, instead of forwards.

For some reason he has 26 clocks in his house, so this is a very time consuming job for him, and it will all be in vain when he realises that he has made such a ridiculous mistake. Sam’s neighbour, Amanda Symonds, said that she’s not surprised at all that this has occurred. “That boy is a lost cause. I once saw him plant a new line of Japanese box hedges, only to run over them with the lawn mower 10 minutes later.”

The Eastern Advocate visited Sam at his residence, to inform him of his mistake. Sam was still asleep because he thought it was 7am when it was actually 9am. “What do you mean, what’s the saying again? Spring back into action?” Eastern Advocate believes what he was trying to communicate was the classic saying, “Spring forward, fall back,” which explains that in Spring, you change your clocks forward an hour, and in Fall (Autumn), you change you clocks back an hour.

“I blame the government,” Sam said. “There’s never any clear indication of which way the clocks are meant to go. I get a migraine just thinking about it.” Prime Minister Scott Morrison, currently in Bathurst for the big race, issued a statement in response to Sam’s predicament. “We, as a government and as a nation, are doing everything in our power to address this extremely serious issue of needles in strawberries. As for that Sam fella, what a bloody idiot, am I right?”

Sam’s only response was to don a Bill Shorten cap.

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