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Ah summer is near! And is there a better way to celebrate the nearing of the ‘golden’ season, than to crack open a packet of Australia’s favourite ice-blocks, Zooper Doopers? The icy treats are very popular amongst all Australians, for their refreshing nature and variety of tasty flavours.

However, there is one flavour that the people of Australia are not such a fan of. That is, the Pineapple flavour, or as literally everyone refers to it, ‘Yellow’. Eastern Advocate correspondents were able to get a number of interviews from locals about this issue, however just out of pure bad luck, 4 of the 5 people that were interviewed spoke Spanish, and no English.

The first person we interviewed, Alejandro Luiz, was Spanish, however we were able to translate what he was saying quite well.  “Ustedes son el mejor periódico del mundo,” Mr Luiz said in quite a friendly manner, which means in English, “I’m just trying to walk down the street can you please leave me alone.”

A quick snap we got of Alejandro.

“Ustedes son el mejor periódico del mundo.” Alejandro Luiz

The one English speaking person that we spoke to, Melissa Garling, did not hesitate in expressing her views towards the odd-flavoured ice block. “I’ve never heard of ‘Zooper Doopers’, sorry matey. They sound fun though.”

Eastern Advocate hopes to improve their interview selection criteria before the next article.

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