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Roey Radradra rumoured to be derparting French rugby for Bathurst Touch Football. In a wonderful story of reunification, return and reconciliation, it appears that Rugby star Roey Radradra is returning to Australia for the 2018/19 touch football season in Bathurst. After a short but successful stint for French rugby team, Toulouse Tigers, Radradra has expressed his desires to return to the country where he made his name.

The news has come as a shock to many, especially a number of his teammates, including Clint ‘Gutho’ Gutherson, who said, “I’m bloody thrilled for Roey! He’s obviously a key member of the team and I’m looking forward to his famous corner post digeridoo post try celebrations.” Media correspondant and vice-captain of the team, Sameron Bedpath, echoed & Gutho’s sentiments: “Nah Roey’s a mad bloke hey, so keen to see him running around back in the red and blue again! Anyway catch you guys later I’ve gotta hit up the Valley..”
Eastern Advocate is unsure of what Mr Bedpath is referring to here.

Roey Radradra said it was an easy decision to return to Bathurst, and for some reason, he directed his regards towards the Parramatta Eels, and “Just thanks to the Parramatta Seal, for this ottorpunity, and thanks for the ottorpunity. Thanks for the question.”

Bathurst is set to benefit from the reintroduction of Radradra to the town, which is predicted to boost the economy significantly. It is a widely known fact that Radradra is a big spender, and doesn’t mind shouting a few for the boys here and there. It is also believed he enjoys his McDonalds, and found it difficult to order a Big Mac in France. When asked about the Big Mac, Radradra said, “The Big Mac, yes that is my favourite. Yum. Big Mac.” The newly appointed captain of the touch football team, Maxim Trotter, said he looks forward to Radradra’s return, and believes he can have a major impact on the team’s success in the upcoming season: “I reckon big Roey can lead us all the way to a grand final victory this year, he’s bloody unstoppable. I’ve heard he’s got a loyalty card for Kelso Maccas too hey.”

The rest of Bathurst wait with bated breath to see just how far Radradra can take his team this season.

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