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There’s one reason that most of us go to Paris. It’s the building that makes Paris such a wonderful tourist destination, and this particular structure is regarded as one of the most iconic monuments that the world has to offer. Its incredible architecture and beautiful panoramic views of the city of Paris from the top are just two of the veritable host of factors that motivate tourists to flock to get a glimpse of the great structure. However, Clive Palmer’s riverside Paris apartment is not the subject of this article. Rather, we’re going to be discussing a rather strange turn of events that took place in front of one of Paris’s lesser-known tourist attractions, the Eiffel Tower.

A recent occurrence in front of the Eiffel Tower has left many people flabbergasted, including one man, who actually broke his jaw because he was so shocked when he heard the news. The man, 59 year old Robert Martin, asked to remain anonymous for privacy reasons. The story breaking around the world is that a 21 year old tourist from America, Sophia Can, has posed for over 400 million consecutive photos in front of the tower. The photoshoot lasted for close to 900 hours, which is equal to 37.5 days. It is believed that Sophia had hired a number of employees (servants) to assist her in her ridiculous quest.

Her best friend and photographer, Brittney Spearmint, said that the camera button had
actually been completely worn down, to the point where the camera would not work

“Honestly, I was just thrilled to be a part of such an ambitious social media challenge,” Brittney said. “It’s all about the children.”

Ms Can’s publicist, Jonathan Johnson, said that he was pleased with the media coverage that the event had attracted. “It’s a great thing for Sophia, her insta is about to take off. She’s gone from 16 to 18 followers overnight so things are already looking amazing!”

However, social media analysts are questioning the true impact of the stunt, with one commentator suggesting that the photos were not posted at ‘Prime IG’ time, which allows users to get the most traction and coverage with their posts. Additionally, some have asked whether the ambitious photo shoot was worth the additional two followers to Ms Can’s instagram page.

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