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Welcome to the blog. I’m dedicated to provoking new trains of thought in my readers and letting them ride those trains into a brand new station. Sometimes, it takes just one article to shift one’s whole perspective, to lead one down a rabbit hole of possibility and new ideas.

There are three sections of interest, into which every article is categorised: Just the Facts, Thoughts and Interviews. Just the Facts are little pieces of academia which I’ve found interesting, from maths to African mouth-humming, or maybe even something which everyone else is talking about. (However, I’m not one for rehashing public opinion; too often you get drowned out.)  Thoughts is rationality applied to emotions. It’s a collection of tidbits. Finally, Interviews is a section filled with amazing people telling amazing stories. I’d recommend you check it out first.

I trust that if you don’t find the content here useful or interesting, you won’t subscribe by email. You’d be doing both of us a disservice; me by convincing me that I don’t have to improve my writing because I’ve got readers already, and you because no one needs more unnecessary crap in their lives. We’ve got enough of that already.

So carpe the f*** out of the diem, and have an awesome day.